Sheep wool

People have used wool for making clothing for thousands of years. It is knowingly one of the first animal fibers used. 
Woolly items...
  • - let your body breathe
  • - don't smell
don't get wet so fast
don't get wrinkled Silk
Siid on Hiinast pärit loomne kiud, mida sealsed rahvad on kasutanud rõivaste ja muude esemete valmistamiseks aastatuhandeid. 
  • - feels colder on skin
  • - no static electricity
  • - doesn't make you sweat
  • - is 3 times stronger than sheep wool

Alpaca wool 

Alpacas live in South American mountains. As the climate there is rough, alpacas have developed a great fiber to protect themselves...
  • - almost waterproof
  • - can be used by people with sensitive skin
  • can be used by people who are sensitive to sheep wool 
Cotton has also been used for thousands of years. Today it is one of the most used fibers in textile industry.

  • - breathes well
  • - absorbs moisture
  • - easy to care